Mehran Sahami
Weds 2:30-3:30, Thurs 1:30-2:30 PDT
Chris Piech
Mon 2:30-3:30, Thurs 10-11 PDT

Head TA + SLs

Brahm Capoor
Tues 10am-12pm, Fri 2:30-4:30 PDT
Section Leaders

We help each-other


Summer 2020 Website
THIS WEBSITE IS AN ARCHIVED VERSION OF CS106A AND IS OUT OF DATE. If you are looking for the CS106A Summer 2020 website, please click
Assignment 6 Deadline Update

We've extended the deadline for Assignment 6; it is now due at 1:30pm on Wednesday, June 3rd. For more details, check out this Ed Post.


Today in class, we discussed the retraction policy for CS 106A, which allows you to retract any work you've submitted if you feel it crossed the line of academic integrity. Please take the time to read through our handout detailing the policy.

CS 106A Contest

One of the joys of programming is the ability to make something totally of your own creation. In CS106A this quarter we are hosting a Contest where you can program anything you like using the concepts and tools we learn in class. See the contest handout for more details.

Note: We incorrectly said in lecture that contest submissions are due on June 10th. They are actually due on June 5th.

Additional Help Sessions

We are going to be holding some additional help sessions next week reviewing the material from earlier this quarter. You can find the times, zoom links and descriptions of these sessions on the Zoom Information page.

In addition, we received positive feedback from students on the group office hours we held last week, so will be holding them on a weekly basis. We've updated the office hours schedule to reflect this, and you can find the Zoom links here.

If you have other feedback or thoughts on help sessions for CS 106A, feel free to let Brahm know!

Diagnostic Grades Released

Diagnostic grades have been released on Gradescope. Statistics for the exam, as well as additional resources on interepreting your grade, can be found in this handout.

Upcoming Events

We have a bunch of really exciting optional events coming up over the next few weeks:

  • Pixar Night: Next Thursday, CS 106A and CS 106B are going to be hosting a panel of some of the creative leads of Pixar's new film, 'Onward'. Check out our event page for more details!
  • AMAs: Mehran and Chris are going to be hosting two AMAs (Ask Me Anythings) on our class Ed forum, in which they'll answer your questions about anything in Computer Science that interests you or about life in general. Chris will be hosting his AMA on the 9th of May from 9am-10am PDT. Mehran will be hosting his AMA on the 14th of May from 4pm-5pm PDT.
Additional Help Sessions

We are going to be holding some additional assignment help sessions over the week, which we'll update this post with details about:

  • Assignment 3 YEAH Hours: Will and Kara, two of our wonderful section leaders, have produced a review video for assignment 3 that explains the assignment, some of the common pitfalls as well as strategies for working through it. We've posted the slides on the Assignment 3 page and the video on the course canvas page.
  • Some of our section leaders are going to be holding group-style office hours early next week to provide additional help on the assignment. We've posted the times for these office hours, and the Zoom links, on the Zoom Information Handout.
Diagnostic Logistics
You can now begin the diagnostic - good luck!

The diagnostic is scheduled to take place tomorrow (April 27th) at 1:30 p.m. It will be administered digitally; instructions to set up BlueBook, our digital assessment platform, are posted here.

Click the button below to access your diagnostic. All students can use this button, even if you have arranged for an alternate duration, time or platform for the diagnostic. You must be enrolled in the class to access the diagnostic.

Unless you have arranged with Brahm for an alternate sitting, you must begin the exam after 1:30pm and must submit at 2:20pm, with a short grace period during which you can submit.

If you run into any issues with BlueBook during the exam, check out this handout.

LaIR Schedule updates

Starting this week, the morning LaIR schedule is being adjusted to consolidate more helpers into the time slots we offer. The morning LaIR will now be held on Mondays & Tuesdays between the hours of 9am and 11am. Note that morning LaIR hours are primarily for students who can’t attend the evening LaIR hours due to time constraints or other obligations.

Diagnostic Resources

We've posted material about the diagnostic on this handout.

Section Assignments

Section assignments have been made. Students who filled out the section signup on time should have received an email with details of their section.

If your section time no longer works for you or you were unable to sign up for a section in time, visit this website or click 'Section Management' in the Section dropdown to join a section. This page will also have a link to a list of all the section times for students wishing to make up a section and auditors.

Note that section participation is required for all enrolled students in CS 106A.


The LaIR opens tonight! Check out the Zoom details page for more details.

Free Online CTL Tutoring

We've been asked to share this message on behalf of the Center for Teaching and Learning:

Want to meet with an experienced peer to discuss course concepts, think through a problem set, or prepare for an upcoming exam? CTL offers appointment tutoring for CS 106A, in addition to tutoring for a number of other courses. For more information and to schedule an appointment, visit our tutoring appointments and drop-in schedule page. We also have a variety of remote learning opportunities and academic coaching available to assist with all of your learning needs!

Section Signups

Section Signups are open! You can sign up for section by going to this page, logging in, and clicking the form. Section signups are due on Sunday at 5pm PDT and are not first come first serve.

Questions in Lecture

Several students have enquired into the possibility of viewing questions asked in lecture after the live sessions ended. We've exported the Q&A log from the Zoom webinars and have posted the Questions & Answers from Lecture 1 and Lecture 2 and posted them on their respective lecture pages. We'll continue to do so for future lectures.

Assignment 1 released

We just released Assignment 1. It's due on April 17th at 1:30pm PDT.

Installing PyCharm

We just posted the PyCharm installation handout. We will be using PyCharm for our assignments, so you will need to follow these steps before you are able to work on Assignment 1.

Watch the first lecture live!

Go here to connect to the first class and watch it live. 1:30pm PST! It will be availible later on canvas in case you miss it. Office hours also begin today immediately after lecture.

Who are you?

To learn a little bit more about you, we have a very quick assignment #0 for you to fill out. Find the form here . This assignment is not a part of your grade, but helps us tailor the class according to your needs and preferences. Please fill out the form by Friday, April 10th at 3:30pm.

What is CS106A?


We put together some handouts to help you understand where we are going to go in CS 106A and how we plan to get there.

The General Information handout has details on course logistics. Read this to get a sense for what CS 106A is going to entail. The Course Placement handout has details on deciding between CS 106A and CS 106B. The Honor Code handout has details on how the Honor Code applies in the context of the work you'll be doing in CS 106A.

The Course Schedule page shows you the topics that we are going to cover in CS106A. We will also post materials from lecture on the schedule page. The Office Hours page has contact information for teaching team and the office hour calendar. Office hours will start in week one.

Finally, the Course Communication handout has details on where to go when you need help in the class.


Welcome to CS106A! We're gearing up for a fun quarter beginning on Monday, April 6th. Enrolled students should read the Zoom info handout for details about how to get on the 1:30pm webinar on the first day of class.

Until then, reach out to Brahm, the Head TA, with any questions you have.