Lecture Materials

Class Announcements

  1. We will be using Jupyter notebooks in class! Installation and usage instructions can be found in the Jupyter Reference Guide.
  2. Assignment 5 is due Wednesday, 8/7 at 11:59pm.
  3. Assignment 6 will be released tomorrow morning.
  4. Next Wednesday (August 14) is the last date that any work for the course will be accepted. This means that there is a single, hard deadline for Assignment 6, and there will be no extensions or late work accepted, with absolutely no exceptions. Finally, we will not be offering the opportunity for revisions on Assignments 5 and 6.
  5. The final exam is coming up next week, on Friday August 16 from 3:30 to 6:30pm in Hewlett 200. All students will be expected to take the exam at this time, excepting OAE accommodations.

Learning Goals

  • I am able to use lambdas to create a data structure that is ordered in a customized manner.
  • I am able to visualize data inside of a Jupyter notebook by generating plots.