Lecture Materials

Class Announcements

  1. Sections assignments were released at 9am today and the first sections start today. To view your section assignment, go to this site. If you did not sign up for section before yesterday's deadline, late section adds will be open starting at 9am today at this site.
  2. Assignment 0 (getting to know you!) is due tonight at 11:59pm and should only take ~5 minutes to complete. 🙂
  3. Assignment 1 was released yesterday! We recommend taking a look at the Karel in PyCharm handout before getting started. Assignment 1 is due next Tuesday, 7/2, at 11:59PM
  4. LaIR starts tonight in Tresidder from 7-11pm! Section leaders will be there to answer conceptual questions and to help you with Assignment 1.

Learning Goals

  • Before working on a problem, I can break it into smaller parts and identify moments when code can be reused to reduce repetition.
  • I understand how problem decomposition is useful in real-world scenarios.