Lecture Materials

Class Announcements

  1. Today is our last day of Karel so you now have everything you need to finish Assignment 1! Please remember that you are not allowed to use Python features we haven’t learned about in class (lecture 1-4) on the assignment.
  2. Sections are open for late adds and swaps. If you can no longer make your section time or forgot to sign up earlier, you can add yourself manually to times with open slots. The final deadline to do so will be Sunday, June 30th at 5pm.
  3. Assignment 1 is due Tuesday, 7/2! LaIR will be open Sunday through Tuesday next week if you need help (closed on Wednesday for the Fourth of July).

Learning Goals

  • I understand the importance of using good style when I code.
  • I can write and walk through programs with complex control flow structures, and I think through what they do, line by line.