Lecture Materials

Class Announcements

  1. Assignment 1 is due tomorrow at 11:59pm. Remember that you can only use concepts taught in last week’s lectures (so variables are off-limits!).
  2. Sonja’s Thursday OH have been moved to today after lecture given the Fourth of July holiday.
  3. There will be no LaIR on Wednesday due to the holiday, and there will be no section on Thursday. If you normally have section on Thursday, you’re welcome to attend any Wednesday section instead or watch the recorded section online. For those who would like to attend in person, Sonja will be holding the additional recorded section after lecture on Wednesday at 2:30pm in Gates B01.

Learning Goals

  • I am able to create, use, and modify variables.
  • I can evaluate complex expressions that contain multiple different operators.
  • I understand the basics of how computers store data and recognize what data type might be used to store a given piece of real-world information.