Lecture Materials

Class Announcements

  1. The Assignment 1 extended deadline is tonight at 11:59pm.
  2. Assignment 2 has been released.
  3. The LaIR will be closed tonight due to the July 4th holiday.
  4. Section is cancelled on Thursday, July 4th. Making up section attendance is not required for those with Thursday sections, but if you want an opportunity to still attend section, Sonja will be teaching a makeup section after lecture (2:30-3:20pm) today in Gates B1.

Learning Goals

  • I can incorporate user input into my programs to build more powerful and engaging programs.
  • I understand the basics of how computers store data, including the (implicit) identification of type and the conversion between data types.
  • I know how computers store textual data as strings and can write code to analyze and manipulate strings.
  • I understand that strings are immutable, that they cannot be changed once built, and that new ones are created each time I build one.
  • I can think through both general cases and edge cases in order to write comprehensive tests for my code.