CS106B Programming Abstractions

Fall Quarter 2020
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Regarding Citations and Authorship
1 month and 2 weeks ago by Nick

In CS106B, we care deeply about accurate attribution of authorship when it comes to work submitted by students. Please read our post on Ed regarding our policy on retroactive citations. If you must make a retroactive citation for one of your previous assignment submissions, please make sure to do so before the end of the day (11:59pm PST) on Friday, November 27.

Personal project released
2 months and 1 week ago by Julie

Information about the Personal Project has been posted. This end-quarter assessment gives you a creative and personalized way to demonstrate your achievement of the course learning goals. We hope you enjoy this opportunity, and aren't too sad about not getting a final exam! πŸ˜‰

Assignment 6 released
2 months and 1 week ago by Julie

Linked lists are up next in Assignment 6. We pushed the deadline back by a day to encourage Civic Engagement and Service on Tuesday November 3rd. The Lair will also be closed on Tuesday.

Assignment 6 YEAH session is Saturday Oct 31st 1:30pm Pacifc time. Come in costume and throw candy at Trip's screen! Link on Zoom info page.

Midquarter Diagnostic
2 months and 1 week ago by Julie

Congratulations on completing the Midquarter Diagnostic! We have wrapped up our grading and just published the results. Class median score was 53/60 (88%), mean of 51/60 (85%), superb! We were delighted to such a strong performance across the class as a whole and to see all the solid skills you were able to demonstrate!

  • Here are the Diagnostic Solutions if you would like to compare to your answers to ours.
  • Check your @stanford.edu inbox for a message from Gradescope with a link to your submission and our grading feedback. Gradescope also shows the detailed scoring rubric we used. See this Ed post for exam histogram and grade boundaries.
  • If we made a grading error in applying the rubric to your answer, we want to be sure to correct it. You may submit a regrade request in Gradescope. Before making a request, we ask that you completely fix your code first to confirm your understanding of was correct/not in your original submission. In your question, specifically identify the rubric item(s) in question and why you believe the rubric was misapplied. Requests to change the rubric items or item weights will not be considered. The entire submission will be re-evaluated for rubric consistency on all questions. You have one week to submit requests.

After reviewing and reflecting on your diagnostic results, we hope you will follow up to schedule a midquarter check-in with your section leader. Tell us about how the course is going for you and lay out your action plan to finish strong!

Assignment 5 released
2 months and 2 weeks ago by Julie

Fun times with priority queues coming up in Assignment 5!

Assignment 5 YEAH session is Friday 2m Pacifc time. TGIF and TGI Trip! Link on Zoom info page.

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