Setting Up Qt Creator for CS 106X

Document currently maintained by Marty Stepp. Revisions also made by Cynthia Lee and Victoria Kirst. Thanks to former CS 106 TAs Reid Watson, Jess Fisher, and Danielle Kain for writing our original Qt Creator instructions. Last updated 2017/09/24.

Having trouble with your Qt Creator installation? Check out our Qt Creator Troubleshooting page. Try to search the page (Ctrl+F or Command+F) for the error text you are seeing.

In order to program your assignments, you must download and install an editor named Qt Creator. On Windows, Qt Creator includes a C++ compiler; on Mac, you need to install Xcode to enable the compiler. You also need to install Java JDK on your machine, because it is needed by some of our libraries. All CS 106B/X students are expected to use Qt Creator for their assignments; other editors are not supported and are strongly discouraged.

Based on your operating system (Windows, Mac, or Linux) you'll need to follow different instructions. Please make sure to follow the instructions precisely and do not skip steps.

Once you have installed the necessary software, here are some additional useful instructions for using and debugging it.

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