Lecture Videos

We offer three kinds of videos: The SCPD lecture recordings being made this quarter, a set of past low-quality videos from Marty's course a year ago, and a set of older 2008 videos from another talented Stanford CS lecturer named Julie Zelenski.

SCPD Lecture Videos

Marty will record his lectures from his laptop this quarter. Videos will usually post the evening of each lecture, or early the next day. We also offer a set of older videos from a 2015 offering of CS 106B by Marty Stepp, and a 2008 106B by Julie Zelenski (see below).

This Quarter's Lecture Videos:

Please note: These will be low-quality screen recordings; Marty is recording the videos using his own laptop capture software and microphone. The video will show only the computer screen, not the instructor or students, and the audio is very poor. We do not recommend trying to use these videos as a substitute for coming to class. Also note that it is possible that some lectures won't record successfully due to software problems or other glitches. We do not promise that there will be a successful video for 100% of lectures. You are responsible for knowing all lecture content and should not rely on these videos as a primary learning resource.

Spring 2015 CS 106B Lecture Videos

Marty Stepp's Spring 2015 offering of CS 106B was recorded by SCPD, and we have put edited versions of those videos on YouTube. Though these videos are from 106B and not 106X, and though the course may have changed somewhat since then, the videos may still be useful, so we post them here for you to view.

Unit 1: Introduction to C++

Unit 2: Collections

Unit 3: Recursion

Unit 4: Recursive Backtracking; Classes and Objects

Unit 5: Implementing Collections with Pointers, Arrays, Linked Lists

Unit 6: Binary Trees

Unit 7: Graphs

Unit 8: Advanced Topics

2008 Lecture Videos

Julie Zelenski is an experienced and engaging lecturer who taught CS 106B/X many times in the past. The link below is to her lectures of 106B from 2008. While some of the code details do not match our current lectures or assignments, it may be useful to hear another instructor explain the same concept again. And Julie does a fantastic job, so it's worth checking out her coverage of various tricky topics.

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