Computer Organization & Systems

Spring 2021

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  • Lecture Watch Parties Start This Week Mon. April 12 by Nick We are officially rolling out watch parties starting this week. Lecture watch parties are informal times when you can get together with other students and TAs to watch lecture videos together. You can pause the videos whenever you'd like, stop to ask questions or discuss, and better understand the lecture material together.

    The watch parties page is accessible from "Lectures" dropdown. Check it out for upcoming watch parties, or to add your own! Each week (starting this week, we are adding to the calendar now), TAs will host watch parties for different subsets of the lecture videos. We also encourage you to host your own as well! If you want to add your own watch party to the calendar, click "Host a Watch Party" and enter the information for when you'll hold your watch party and what you plan to watch. We want to encourage you to try them out to see if they're something you find helpful to learn the lecture material; for that reason, part of your lecture quiz grade (worth 1 lecture) is to attend one TA-hosted lecture watch party before the mid-quarter assessment.

  • Assignment 1 Posted Tues. April 6 by Nick Assignment 1 has been posted on the assignments page. It is meant to reinforce the topics of bits, bitwise operators and integer representations, with exercises ranging from implementing the core "saturated arithmetic" algorithm to a bit-level cell simulation to understanding the effects of integer representations on real-world software. We hope you have fun with it! The assignment is due Wed. 4/14 at 11:59PM PST. You can find more details on the assignment page.

    As you start working, we want to include a reminder about the course style guide; it contains an in-depth reference about how to ensure your programs have great style! We have also added a new stylecheck tool to this assignment - check out the spec for more information. Additionally, through TA helper hours and the discussion forum, our focus will be on supporting you so that you can track down your own bugs. Please ask us how to best use tools (like the brand-new GDB!), what strategies to consider, and advice about how to improve your debugging process or track down your bug. If you have debugging questions during helper hours, please make sure to gather information and explore the issue on your own first, and fill out the QueueStatus questions with this information. Starting with a future assignment, we will require this information when signing up for helper hours for debugging help, so please make sure to provide as much information as possible.

  • Free Online CTL Tutoring Sun. April 4 by Nick The Center for Teaching and Learning reached out asking us to share the following announcement about free tutoring. Want to meet with an experienced peer to discuss course concepts, think through a problem set, or prepare for an upcoming exam? CTL offers appointment tutoring for CS 107, in addition to tutoring for a number of other courses. For more information and to schedule an appointment, visit our tutoring appointments and drop-in schedule page. We also have a variety of remote learning resources and academic coaching available to assist with all of your learning needs! The CTL team is also looking for tutors for the 21-22 academic year — to learn more about this opportunity, check out our website or email Alex Ayers ( directly."

    As a reminder, with any tutoring, please make sure to adhere to the course honor code and collaboration policy. You can find information about tutoring in particular on the collaboration page.

  • Lab Assignments PostedSun. April 4 by Nick We have posted lab assignments - you can view your assignment from the "labs" dropdown in the top toolbar. We did our best to assign everyone to one of their top choices. On this form, if you'd like, you can also join a different lab with space available. Unfortunately, if a lab is full, we are not able to accommodate additional students at this time, but check back later, as enrollments may shift over time.

    Labs start Tues., and there's nothing you need to do before lab this week - you will be able to find Zoom links for all labs on Canvas (you will see all lab links, but join just the one you are assigned to) closer to the start of your lab. Your lab leader will introduce themselves and explain everything about lab and what it's all about. You can find more information about labs and lab policies on the course information page. We'll see you in lab this week!

  • Lab Signups Open at 5PM until Sat. 5PM Tues. March 30 by Nick Lab preferences submissions open at 5PM PDT today. From then until Saturday at 5PM PST, please submit your lab preferences for which lab you would prefer to attend this quarter. Note that preferences are not first-come first-serve; you may fill out your preferences anytime between those dates, and you may come back to update your preferences later as well. We may add more labs later in the week, and will let you know if more options become available. You can access the preferences form in the "Labs" dropdown at the top of the page. For more information about labs including attendance, missing labs, and other policies, see the labs section of our course information page.

  • Additional Short Lecture 1 Video Posted Tues. March 30 by Nick Since we didn't have time to go over all the information about C in the lecture 1 slides yesterday, we've posted a short additional lecture video going over more details about C that are helpful to know as you get started with the first assignment. We hope you find it helpful!

  • Helper Hours Schedule Posted Tues. March 30 by Nick We have posted information about Helper Hours on the Getting Help page. We'll be using Nooks this quarter to facilitate Helper Hours and staff shifts during Helper Hours. Please join our Nooks community to work with other students, and to get help from the TAs! You don't need to have questions to come by Helper Hours - feel free to drop in and chat with others anytime! You can also see the calendar for Staff Helper Hours on the Getting Help page as well.

  • Assignment 0 Posted Mon. March 29 by Nick Assignment 0 has been posted on the assignments page. It is meant as an introduction to Unix and C, with exercises ranging from uncovering who got unauthorized access to a filesystem to modifying a provided C program to accept command-line arguments. We hope you have fun! The assignment is due Mon. 4/5 at 11:59PM PST, and there are no late submissions accepted for this assignment (late days or otherwise), so please make sure to submit by the deadline.

  • Apply to CS107A (ACE/Pathfinders) Sun. March 28 by Nick (based on CS106B post written by Sonja Johnson-Yu) CS107A, also known as CS107 ACE, is a 1-unit supplementary section designed to build a stronger foundation in computer science. Students participating in ACE will attend an additional weekly section and participate in special office hours and ACE-specific review sessions. Section is scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursdays 10-11:00AM PT, but an asynchronous option will be available for students in international time zones or with class conflicts.

    ACE is one of the School of Engineering’s Equity and Inclusion Initiatives. We especially want to provide an opportunity for students who come from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds or for anyone who feels they might need additional support in order to succeed. We limit enrollment to enable small classes that allow students to have one-on-one interactions with the CA.

    If you are interested in joining the ACE section, please apply online - click here. The application will be open until 5PM PDT on Friday, April 2. Prior to application results being released, any student who's applying/planning to apply should attend CS 107A sections. You can find more information about CS107A on our FAQ page. If you have further questions about ACE, feel free to reach out to Andrew Benson (CS107A TA) at

  • Welcome! Sun. March 28 by Nick Welcome to CS107! Class starts remotely on Monday, March 29th. We are looking forward to meeting you and starting off a great quarter together! We'll have more details to come about the format of CS107's remote spring offering. In the meantime, please feel free to check out the updated FAQ. It covers questions about recorded lectures, conflicting classes, CS107E, CS107A, and more. We hope you find it helpful! Other details and course policies listed are subject to change, so please stay tuned.

Course Logistics

Lectures: Mon & Fri 1:00PM-2:20PM PDT via Zoom (link on Canvas)

Labs: Tue/Wed/Thu at various times on Zoom; students sign up for labs after the quarter begins.

  • Mid-Quarter Assessment
    Assessment Window: Wed May 5 12:00PM PT through Fri May 7 12:00PM PT
    The assessment is open-book, timed, and will be taken through BlueBook, an electronic test-taking software that runs on all modern operating systems. You will be able to download and complete the assessment in any 3-hour period in the 48-hour assessment window. More information to be released during the quarter.


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