Lecture Materials

Learning Goals

Calculate (1) sample mean, (2) sample variance, (3) standard error of the mean, and (4) use bootstrapping to calculate other important analysis of uncertainty in statistics.



Concept Check


Questions & Answers

Q: test

A1:  great question!

Q: fave type of tree?

A1:  Princess Flower

Q: why were there arrows with mu and sigma on slide 17? does that mean something intuitively?

A1:  I’m not seeing the arrows on my copy of the slides. You mean in the first slide after the watermelon slide?

A2:  On one of the slides there were arrows overlayed over the PMF with arrows going up for mu and accross for sigma

A3:  Ah, in the diagram… those are just visual to show you the location of the mean and that the standard deviation is a measure of left-to-right spread. It’s just a visual cue and nothing else.