Due Date: 2/28 (Wed) 11:59 PM PST.
You may not use late days for the milestone.

To complete the milestone, you must train a baseline model on your data, and evaluate it. The milestone will be graded credit/no-credit based on whether you turned it in on time.

Note that these are the minimum requirements for your milestone. Ideally, you will have made more progress than this by the due date of the milestone.

For Choose-Your-Own Final Project Teams

For the milestone, you need to have collected your data, set up your evaluation pipeline, and implemented a baseline. For more details, see this handout, which describes what your project milestone should look like. Please submit your project milestone to Gradescope. You only need to submit one per a team (any team member can submit).

For Default Final Project Teams

To complete the milestone, you must train a model using GPUs (most likely on Azure) and submit it to the CodaLab dev set leaderboard. Your submitted model can be the provided baseline, or it can be a model you've developed.

As a proof of your CodaLab submission, you're also required to submit a screenshot of your model on the leaderboard on Gradescope. For detailed instructions, see the default project milestone handout. You do not need to submit a written milestone. Your F1 and EM score will not be taken into account when awarding your credit for the completed milestone.

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