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Lect. Date Topics Presenter Paper/Slides
1 9/23 Introductions slides
2 9/25 Representing and Recognizing Objects
Guest lecturer: Y. Xiang

3D object recognition by aspect graph-based models:

  • Y.Xiang, S.Savarese. "Estimating the aspect layout of object categories". CVPR2012 link
3 9 /30 Representing and Recognizing Objects 3D detection from D-RGB data:
  • Liefeng Bo, Kevin Lai, Xiaofeng Ren, and Dieter Fox "Object Recognition with Hierarchical Kernel Descriptors"
  • L. Bo, X. Ren, and D. Fox. Kernel Descriptors for Visual Recognition. In NIPS, December 2010
  • K. Lai, L. Bo, X. Ren, and D. Fox. A Large-Scale Hierarchical Multi-View RGB-D Object Dataset. In IEEE International Conference on on Robotics and Automation, 2011
4 10/2 Representing and Recognizing Objects Guest lecturer: Dr. M. Stark 3D object recognition by deformable part models:
  • B.Pepik, M.Stark, P.Gehler and B.Schiele, "Teaching 3D geometry to deformable part models". CVPR2012
5 10/7 Representing the 3D Space Large scale 3D reconstruction by structure from motion :
  • Sameer Agarwal, Yasutaka Furukawa, Noah Snavely, Ian Simon, Brian Curless, Steven M. Seitz and Richard Szeliski Communications of the ACM, Vol. 54, No. 10, Pages 105-112, October 2011
  • Jan-Michael Frahm, Pierre Georgel, David Gallup, Tim Johnson, Rahul Raguram, Changchang Wu, Yi-Hung Jen, Enrique Dunn, Brian Clipp, Svetlana Lazebnik, Marc Pollefeys, ECCV 2010
6 10/9 Representing the 3D Space Indoor scene layout reconstruction:
  • David Lee, Takeo Kanadem Matrial Hebert. "3D Scene Analysis". CVPR2009 PDF
  • A. Schwing and R. Urtasun, Efficient Exact Inference for 3D Indoor Scene Understanding In European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), Florence, Italy, October 2012
7 10/14 Understanding Complex Scenes Joint 3D reconstruction and object detection:
  • D. Hoiem, A.A. Efros, and M. Hebert, "Putting Objects in Perspective", to appear in CVPR 2006.
  • Thinking Inside the Box: Using Appearance Models and Context Based on Room Geometry; V. Hedau, D. Hoiem, and D.A. Forsyth ECCV 2010
8 10/16 Understanding Complex Scenes Guest lecturer: B. Kim 2D/3D CRF models fo understanding:
  • B.Kim, M.Sun ,P.Kohli, S.Savarese, "Relating things and stuff by High-Order Poterntial modeling" ECCV2012
10/17 Project Proposal due
9 10/21 Understanding Complex Scenes Guest lecturer: Y. Bao Semantic structure from motion:
  • S. Bao and S. Savarese, "Semantic Structure from Motion". Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 2011
10 10/23 Understanding Complex Scenes Tutorial on MCMC:
  • Monocular 3D Scene Modeling and Inference: Understanding Multi-Object Traffic Scenes, Christian Wojek, Stefan Roth, Konrad Schindler, Bernt Schiele
11 10/28 Understanding Complex Scenes Joint segmentation and reconstruction from D-RGB data (I):
  • Nathan Silberman, Derek Hoiem, Pushmeet Kohli, Rob Fergus "Indoor Segmentation and Support Inference from RGBD Images" ECCV, 2012
  • S. Gupta, P. Arbelaez and J. Malik. Perceptual Organization and Recognition of Indoor Scenes from RGBD Images. In CVPR 2013 (oral).
12 10/30 Understanding Complex Scenes Joint segmentation and reconstruction from D-RGB data (II):
  • Munoz, D., Bagnell, J.A., Hebert, M.: Stacked hierarchical labeling. In: ECCV. (2010)
  • Co-inference for Multi-modal Scene Analysis Daniel Munoz, J. Andrew (Drew) Bagnell, and Martial Hebert European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), October, 2012.
13 11/4 Understanding Human Pose Joint segmentation and reconstruction from D-RGB data (III):
  • Christian Häne, Christopher Zach, Andrea Cohen, Roland Angst, Marc Pollefeys, Joint 3D scene reconstruction and class segmentation
11/5 Project Mid-term Report due
14 11/6 Understanding Human Pose
15 tba Understanding Human Activities
16 11/11 Understanding Human Activities
17 11/13 Understanding Human Activities
18 tba Understanding Human Activities


Final Project Presentations



Final Project Presentations

11/25 no class - Thanksgiving Break

11/27 no class - Thanksgiving Break


no class due to ICCV

12/4 no class due to ICCV

Final Project Report Due

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