EE392b: Industrial Internet of Things: Applications

Stanford University, Spring Quarter 2015-2016

EE392b, Professor Dimitry Gorinevsky and Professor Daniel ONeill



  1. March 29, Introductory Lecture, Dimitry Gorinevsky and Dan ONeill, Stanford
  2. April 5, The Industrial Awakening: The Internet of Heavier Things, David Mount, Kleiner Perkins
  3. April 12, IIoT: Key Use Cases, Adoption Patterns, and Challenges, Edy Liongosari, Accenture
  4. April 19, Using Aircraft Fleet Data to Improve Operations, Bertrand Masson, Qantas Airline
  5. April 26, Physical Analytics, Hendrik Hamann, IBM
  6. May 3, IoT in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Roman Shaposhnik, Pivotal
  7. May 10, Enterprise Internet of Things, Nino Vidovic, Konica Minolta
  8. May 17, Web of Systems, Dan Yu, Siemens
  9. May 24, IoT Strategy and Markets, Dipti Vachani, Intel
  10. May 31, Enabling the Internet of Things from Connected Things to Real Outcomes, Nayaki Nayyar, SAP