EE392b: Industrial Internet of Things: Applications

Stanford University, Spring Quarter 2017

EE392b, Professor Dimitry Gorinevsky and Professor Daniel ONeill



  1. April 4, Introductory Lecture: IIoT Applications Overview, Dimitry Gorinevsky, Stanford
  2. April 11, Is It Time to Invest in IoT?, Timothy Chou, Angel
  3. April 18, The Industrial Awakening: The Internet of Heavier Things, David Mount, Kleiner Perkins
  4. April 25, Analytics of Things for Smart Cities, Cheryl Wiebe, Teradata
  5. May 2, Building the Internet of Things, Maciej Kranz, Cisco
  6. May 9, Smart Homes of the Future, Ashutosh Saxena,
  7. May 16, Web of Systems, Dipti Vachani, Intel
  8. May 23, IoT on the Cloud, Siddhartha Agarwal, Oracle
  9. May 30, Industrial IoT Opportunities and Challenges, Muddu Sudhakar, ServiceNow
  10. June 6, Asset Performance Management in Industrial Internet, Jeremiah Stone, GE Digital