EE392n: Intelligent Energy Systems

Stanford University, Spring Quarter 2011-2012

EE392N, Professor Dan O’Neill and Professor Dimitry Gorinevsky



  1. April 3, Introductory Lecture, Dan ONeill
  2. April 10, Monitoring, Dimitry Gorinevsky
  3. April 17, Grid Analytics - T&D Power Equipment Diagnosis/Prognosis thru Smart Grid Technologies, Alex Rojas, GE
  4. April 24, Advanced Sensors and Monitoring & Diagnostics for Gas Turbines in GE, Vivek V. Badami and Scott Hoyte, GE Energy
  5. May 1, Data Mining Techniques to Enhance Sustainability of Data Centers, Manish Marwah - HP
  6. May 8, Prevention and Mitigation of Cascading Outages in Power Grids Using Synchrophasor-based Wide-Area Measurements, Kai Sun - EPRI
  7. May 15, GridSpice - A Virtual Test Bed for Smart Grid, Amit Narayan - GridSpice
  8. May 22, Communication Methods for Energy Management, John Parello - Cisco
  9. May 29, The Promise of Renewables, Rick Geiger - Cisco
  10. June 5, Performance Measurement and Verification of Resources used in Demand Side Management, Ed Koch - Honeywell
  11. June 11, Best Student Reports on Intelligent Energy Systems