EE392n: Intelligent Energy Systems: Energy and Big Data

Stanford University, Spring Quarter 2012-2013

EE392N, Professor Dan O’Neill and Professor Dimitry Gorinevsky



  1. April 2, Introductory Lecture, Dan ONeill and Dimitry Gorinevsky, Stanford
  2. April 9, Feature Discovery in Energy Data, Sachin Adlakha, Ayasdi
  3. April 16, The industrial internet: implications for the business world and for the global economy, Marco Annunziata, GE
  4. April 23, Risk Analytics Applications and Vision, Chris Couper, IBM
  5. April 30, Power Plant Big Data Optimization, Jim Schmid, GE
  6. May 7, Monitoring of Transmission and Distribution (T&D) Systems, Paul Myrda, EPRI
  7. May 14, Energy Insights from Big Data, Drew Hylbert and Jeff Kolesky, OPower
  8. May 21, Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Data Management and Analysis, Aaron DeYonker, eMeter/Siemens
  9. May 28, Smart Grid Analytics , Ed Abbo and Houman Behzadi, C3 Energy
  10. June 4, Data Center Energy Management, Manish Marwah, HP