EE392n: Intelligent Energy Systems: Energy and Big Data

Stanford University, Spring Quarter 2013-2014

EE392n, Professor Dan O’Neill and Professor Dimitry Gorinevsky



  1. April 1, Introductory Lecture, Dimitry Gorinevsky and Dan ONeill, Stanford
  2. April 8, The Industrial Internet Economy, Marco Annunziata, GE
  3. April 15, Revenue Protection in Smart Energy Networks, Creighton Oyler and Patrick Steigler, Oracle
  4. April 22, Managing a 19th Century Grid with 21st Century Intelligent Technology, Jeff Ray, Ventyx/ABB
  5. April 29, Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Data Management and Analysis, Aaron DeYonker, eMeter/Siemens
  6. May 6, Privacy Preserving Data Aggregation for Internet of Things in Smart Grid, Aakanksha Chowdhery, Microsoft Research
  7. May 13, Topological Data Analysis, Jennifer Kloke, Ayasdi
  8. May 20, Improving Energy Efficiency with Big Data from Smart Meters Ben Packer, OPower
  9. May 27, Optimizing Energy Usage in Google Datacenters, Taliver Heath, Google
  10. June 3, Software Architecture for Energy Applications, Tom DeMaria, GE