Lecture: April 15, 2014


Revenue Protection in Smart Energy Networks

Creighton Oyler and Patrick Steigler, Oracle


Creighton Oyler is Vice President, Strategic Growth Markets at Oracle Corporation. He supports Oracle Utilities, a 1,500 person strong global business unit dedicated to the development and delivery of software solutions for the electric, gas, and water markets. He is the global lead for Oracle Utilities’ advanced analytics practice, overseeing sales, marketing, delivery and solution strategy functions. During his time at Oracle, Creighton has also held leadership roles in business strategy, M&A and operations. Prior to Oracle, Creighton held management, consulting, sales and product management roles at a number of early stage companies. Creighton holds an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. He also has a BS in Biochemistry and a MA in Industrial Management, both from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

Patrick Steigler is a Data Scientist in Oracle Utilities’ advanced analytics practice. He oversees the team of analysts responsible for delivering data driven results to utility clients. Prior to Oracle, Patrick was a Business Analyst at DataRaker. He holds a BA in Economics with a minor in Applied Mathematics from Franklin & Marshall College.


This talk with discuss some of the forces impacting the long-term viability of the utility business model. This industry situation, dubbed the “Death Spiral”, is escalating due to a number of factors, specifically the accelerated introduction of renewable energy generation and storage technologies. Recently, utilities have turned to new data sources and new analytic approaches to respond to this changing business landscape.

The session will explore, in detail, the phenomenon of energy theft and detail the data, tools and processes required to “operationalize” a full-scale “revenue protection” platform that is used to crack down on this source of loss that costs the utilities industry billions of dollars each year.

Lecture Notes

Oracle Presentation on Utility Analytics (pdf)