Lecture: April 29, 2014


Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Data Management and Analysis

Aaron DeYonker, eMeter


Aaron DeYonker brings more than 15 years of IT product development experience to eMeter, a Siemens business. Aaron manages the entire product portfolio and global roadmap for the leading Smart Grid software platform, geared towards more efficient use of our natural resources. As the VP of Products, he leads R&D teams across the world on eMeter’s overall product strategy, design, engineering and usability to deliver a best-of-class enterprise platform and application suite for managing and using meter data. He serves as the primary representative for the eMeter product line, interacting with press, analysts, standards bodies, regulatory entities and user groups on a regular basis. He speaks at leading industry conferences. Aaron is proud to have achieved lead ‘Visionary’ status in Gartner Magic Quadrant 2 years in a row for eMeter’s enterprise software platform. Prior to eMeter, Aaron led product and program management teams for companies such as Microsoft and WebTV in domains ranging from telecommunications to consumer electronics. He is a graduate of the Honors Program in the College of Literature, Sciences and Arts at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.


With increasing frequency one hears terms like “death spiral”, “apocalypse” or “extinction” referring to the business challenges facing those responsible for delivering us our water, gas and electricity. In parallel, the industry is digitizing itself to help optimize costs while disruptive technologies threaten its century-old revenue model. After a decade-long focus on network build out and smart meter (read: “sensor”) installation, the data has finally started flowing. This lecture will address the state of the industry as it relates to Advanced Metering Infrastructure as it heads into Wave 2 of its immense transformation. What practical and theoretical challenges do utilities face as they struggle to make sense of new data sets? What opportunities arise for service providers? How will innovation and faster R&D cycles lead to unprecedented business transformation within the organizations? How will the geo-political landscape help/hinder momentum? This lecture serves as a broad and critical assessment of the state of AMI.