ENGR 40M — An Introduction to Making: What is EE

Summer 2017 — MWF 1:30–2:50 — STLC115 — 5 units

Welcome to ENGR 40M! This course provides an introduction to the broad field of electrical engineering through a series of hands-on projects. Countless devices use electronics, from cars to clocks to cameras to cell phones, but the way they work is usually hidden and often mysterious. Our objective is to demystify the world of electronics by tearing things apart (both literally and figuratively) so that you can understand how they work, and give you the skills to construct electronic devices of your own.

Quick links: EveryCircuit — Gradescope — Piazza — Reference Manual — Arduino — Glossary


June 26, 2017

Class starts today in STLC 115 (aka., the basement of Old Chem).