Math 20
Winter 2013

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This page might be updated as the course progresses, including both review materials and lectures and sources to help with new material.


Here are some handouts:

Office Hours and Tutoring

Your first resource for help in the class should be the instructors and course assistants. You are welcome to office hours for any kind of question, we are here to help you and ready to explain the same thing as many times as necessary. You can also email us if you have any concerns, or if you would like to make an appointment to speak to one of us in private.

Stanford offers free tutoring for Math 20 through the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). You can book either a private appointment or go to a scheduled drop in session. All of the information, as well as the online form to request a tutoring appointment, is on the Undergraduate Academic Life website.

Some graduate students also offer their services to tutor for Math 20, you can find their names and email address on the list of private tutors maintained by the math department. Beware, private tutors tend to be expensive.

Old Exams

The following exams were given in previous incarnations of Math 20. Material covered for a given midterm in these classes does not really correlate to the material covered in Math 20 this quarter because we fell behind a little bit, so bear this in mind when using these to study for exams.

We will not provide solutions other than the ones already available here, but you are welcome to ask any instructor or course assistant to show you correct solutions to any problem.

First Midterms


Second Midterms

Final Exams

Khan Academy

Another interesting resource for this class is Khan Academy, a website which hosts short, very helpful lectures.

Here are some videos to watch every week:

Winter 2013 -- Department of Mathematics, Stanford University