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ME 21N: Renaissance Machine Design (Freshman Seminar)
Winter 2005

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This course will examine innovations in technology that accompanied the proliferation of monumental art and architecture in the 1400s. The technological advances as well as the art and architecture often were created by the same people. Famous examples include Brunelleschi and da Vinci, who designed machines and invented novel construction, fresco, and bronze-casting techniques. We also will explore the social and political climate that made possible and demanded engineering expertise from prominent artists. In contrast to most of the literature, we will approach the problem primarily from the perspective of a machine designer. A secondary goal of the course is to introduce students to the pleasures of creative engineering design. The course will include hands-on projects to give students a physical understanding of the engineering challenges that Renaissance masters faced and overcame with ingenious solutions. The course readings will draw from a combination of historical and engineering design sources that do not require a technical background.

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Meeting Time & Place
T, Th | 11:00-12:30 - Bldg 01-320 "Geology Corner", Rm 220

Instructors Office Hours & Location
Mark R. Cutkosky by appointment (send email)

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