For many years, STATS 390 has provided a free consulting service by Stanford’s Statistics Department to Stanford researchers in all fields.

Motivated by the increased demand for data analysis in recent months, for the Summer quarter of 2020, we are opening  this service  to scientific researchers, healthcare professionals, and policy makers outside the Stanford community. This open service is limited to COVID-19 related data. Our goal is to help researchers explore and select appropriate statistical methodology when planning and executing the collection and analysis of data, and to help policy makers interpret the results of scientific studies.

If you have a data problem:

  1. Please fill out our brief form.
  2. If we believe we can be helpful, and have an available consultant , we will schedule a 45 minute consulting session on Zoom.
  3. During that session, we will ask you to describe your problem, and we will provide feedback.

The service is provided by students and other members of the Statistics Department. Our consultants help you select and develop statistical methodology, but do not assist in writing code or implementing data analysis. Our service does not provide any official certification of the correctness of any particular statistical methods or conclusions.