Bioe220/Rad220: Intro to Imaging and Image-based Anatomy

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Winter Quarter 2021-2022
Section: MW 3:15-4:45
Location: Lucas Center Rm P083

Goals of the course

  • to learn the fundamentals of each imaging modality including X-ray Imaging, Ultrasound, CT, and MRI.

  • to learn normal human anatomy and how it appears on medical images.

  • to learn the relative strengths of the modalities and

  • to answer, “What am I looking at?"

Open to…

The course is open to engineering students, medical students, and H&S students, both at the graduate level and at the senior undergrad level.


Prerequisite is college-level physics.


Grading will be based on homework and closed-book tests

More Info…

We'll be setting up a Canvas webpage. Please check there for more info.