Bios221 / Stats 366 Labs

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All due dates for OHMS are at 11:00pm. Submissions at 11:01pm or after will not be graded.

  1. Lab 1: Biostrings (due June 26)
  2. Lab 2: Graphics (due June 27)
  3. Lab 3: Simulations (due July 1st at 11pm) – submit a .pdf or .html to dropbox on coursework (this lab is required).
  4. Lab 4: Multivariate (due July 5) --- This lab covers both multivariate lectures and the corresponding homework is due several days after the second multivariate lecture.
  5. Lab 5: RNAseq (due July 5)
  6. Lab 6: Multiple Testing (due July 7)
  7. Lab 7: Phyloseq (due July 9)
  8. Lab 8: Networks (due July 10)

Online Homework Management System


The labs in this class are designed to make sure that you are following along with the class. The OHMS questions are designed to be a straightforward and relatively easy way to help you learn the important material or to become familiar with packages available in R.

The lab websites will be posted above throughout the course. Each lab will have questions associated with it which you will need to answer by the due date (listed next to the lab website link above).

You must submit lab 3 on the coursework dropbox on the due date above (no more than 10 pages). You must submit at least six out of the seven OHMS assignments.

We will be using the “Online Homework Management System (OHMS)” that is being developed by Dennis Sun in the Stanford stats department. That project is available on GitHub.

Submissions and Grading

The OHMS assignments will be graded automatically. All of the OHMS assignments will be due at 11:00pm on the date they are due. Solutions are available on OHMS at 11:01pm on the date the problems are due. This means the deadlines are hard, and under no circumstance will we accept a late submission.

  1. You are encouraged to work through the lab webpages with your peers.

  2. You may NOT work with anyone on the OHMS questions.

  3. You may submit answers to a question as often as you want, but you only receive feedback every 30 minutes.

  4. Your overall score per question is shown at the top of each question. The number of points earned is in GREEN, the number of points missed is in RED, and the number of points still awaiting grading is in GRAY.

  5. Yes, you can (and we hope you all will) get 100% on this assignment by trying again and again.