CS 101

Final Review


  • Final is on Monday, 8:30-11:30AM, in 200-203
  • If you did not get alternative accommodations email from Shreya, please let her know ASAP
  • Reference page is the same as for the midterm
  • Shreya's OH are on Sunday, 12-2PM, in Old Union

What's covered?

  • Cumulative, with slightly more weight towards second half of the class
  • Study the homeworks and the midterm
  • Look at the learning goals at the end of each lecture
  • Hint: Try to find connections between the course material. How do the different lectures relate?

Week 1:
Computer Hardware

What does each level do?


Week 2 Tuesday:
Data and Storage

  • What are different kinds of data? How are they stored?
  • Data Compression: what? why? example?

Weeks 2-4:

  • How are images represented?
  • Know how to use for loops and if statements
  • More complex code: grayscale, green screen, edge detection, and blur

Image Algorithm Refresher

Week 4 Thursday:

  • How are spreadsheets like a programming language?
  • What can you do in spreadsheets?
  • Why are spreadsheets useful?

Week 5 Tuesday:
Artificial Intelligence

  • What are the types of artificial intelligence? When should you use each one?
  • What are some examples of artificial intelligence in real life? How can you use artificial intelligence to solve a problem?

Week 6-8:
The Internet

  • What is a client? What is a server? How do they communicate (TCP/IP Protocol)?
  • How do Google and Facebook's backends work?
  • What are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript? How do they work together?

Week 8 Thursday:

  • Why is design important?
  • How is design misused? What are the societal implications of design in computer science?

Week 9:
Security and Privacy

  • What is the difference between security and privacy?
  • What is encryption? What is hashing? How do computer scientists protect your data?
  • How can criminals try to access data? How can you protect yourself?
  • What is bitcoin? How are bitcoin transactions processed? What is the blockchain, and why is it important (outside of bitcoin)?
  • P.S. Everyone should have a Password Manager!

Week 10 Tuesday:

  • What is an algorithm? What makes an algorithm good?
  • What is P vs. NP? What are the implications if P = NP?

Any other questions?

Thanks for a great quarter!