Homework 2

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Homework 2 is made of all the Image 3-8 exercises. This is probably the largest number of exercises we'll ever have due in one week. Due 11:59pm Mon April 17th. See the course page for office hours.

1. Click the Retrieve button below. It will gather the code for all the exercises as one block of text. Copy the code text for later pasting. Check that your answers are all there.

2. We're using Stanford's "canvas" online teaching environment. From the CS101 page, follow the link to the CS101 canvas page, and on the Canvas page click on Assignments. Select the homework to turn in.

3. On Canvas there will be a single question where you can paste in all of your code. At the very top of your pasted in code, add any additional "README" notes for the grader.

You can turn in the homework multiple times and we will grade the last one turned in.

Lateness: our intention is that you can turn in an assignment a few days late and still get some credit (see "late days" in syllabus).

Each click of a Run button saves that code on the computer running the browser. The button below retrieves the all code exercises listed to the right of the button.

count 19 : image-3-ex1 image-3-ex2 image-4-ex1 image-4-ex2 image-4-ex3 image-5-ex1 image-5-ex2 image-5-ex3 image-6-ex1 image-6-ex2 image-6-ex3 image-7-ex1 image-7-ex2 image-7-ex3 image-7-ex4 image-8-ex1 image-8-ex2 image-8-ex3 image-8-ex4

(code appears here)