CS 105, Fall 2021 | Final Project Showcase

In the Fall quarter of 2021, high school students all across the country enrolled in CS 105, Stanford University's Introduction to Computing class. Over the course of 10 weeks, they learned about topics as varied as computer hardware, networking, programming, computer security, software engineering, and topics in cloud computing, while also doing the same assignments and exams as their counterparts in college - all while juggling a normal high school course load!

As part of their coursework, students had the opportunity to work on a final project of their own design. The task was to design and implement a webpage about a topic that interested them, using the skills they developed during the web programming unit of the class. We saw an incredible variety of submissions demonstrating both what students learned, but also the breadth of the experiences they brought with them into the class. This website is a celebration of some of those projects, and of the time and effort it took our students to get there.

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