Our lectures are scheduled for MWF 2:30-3:20pm Pacific. In our scheduled time, we will deliver a live lecture via Zoom Webinar. We plan a 50-minute lecture and will use the remaining time for follow-up questions and discussion.

Zoom links can be found on the course Canvas page calendar, in addition to the Zoom Information page of the course website. Lecture recordings will be posted to the Panopto Course Videos tab of the course Canvas page for later asynchronous viewing.

Common questions about lectures

What tools will I need?

To stream the live video and audio feed, you will need good bandwidth and Zoom (either installing the app or use the web portal). If your bandwidth is limited, you can call into Zoom from a phone to get audio only, and have the lecture slides and code up in your browser at the same time to follow along. You can also watch the lectures asynchronously by accessing the posted video on Canvas, which will be posted later in the day after lecture occurs.

How can I ask questions during lecture?

You can submit a question via the Zoom Q&A panel. We will save the written Q&A transcript and post with lecture. You can also use the Zoom Participants panel to virtually raise your hand. We will call on you to unmute yourself and verbally ask your question.

Is attendance required at the live lecture?

No. We encourage you to attend live when it is possible for you to do so, but the recorded videos will also be posted to Canvas for later asynchronous viewing.