Assessment 1. Quiz 1

Below is the link for Quiz 1:

quiz 1 link

  • When you click the link, your time starts (25 minutes plus two minutes for reading instructions. If you have OAE accommodations, you should see an updated time)
  • If your timer doesn't start for some reason (e.g., you closed and re-opened your browser after logging in), you should refresh your browser. Your work only gets saved when you click "Submit", so do that as often as you want to ensure that you don't lose work.
  • Either of the "Submit" buttons will submit all of your code.
  • Please make a post on Ed you have any trouble. We will monitor Ed throughout the day, but we can't guarantee an instant answer (we will do the best we can).

Honor Code

  • You must not give or receive unpermitted aid of any form.
  • The work you submit must be your independent, original work; not jointly developed nor derived from the work of another.
  • You are not to discuss the content with any other person (except for private, individual communication with the course staff to ask for clarification). This restriction applies while completing your own work and afterwards up until the Diagnostic Window closes for all.
  • The prohibition against sharing or discussing with others applies to the content in any form (no verbal description, problem text, solution diagrams or code, and so on) and through any communication channel (no private conversation, group chat, email, Ed post, internet question/answer forum, etc.)

Here is a non-exhaustive list of what resources are permitted and not:

  • Permitted
    • You may access the textbook and other books in printed or digital form
    • You may look at any materials on the course website (lecture slides, section problems, practice materials, etc.), read previous conversations on our Ed forum, and review your own assignment code on Paperless
    • You may search online to find resource material related to course content
    • You may make a private post on Ed to ask a clarifying question about the diagnostic content
  • Not Permitted
    • You must not make a public post on Ed discussing any diagnostic content
    • You must not post content from the diagnostic on any online site or seek help from a forum such as Stack Overflow
    • You must not discuss the diagnostic content with any person (other than the course staff) during the entire diagnostic window
    • You must not share your solution code with other students nor ask other students to share their solution code with you