Assignment 0. Welcome to CS106A!

Please complete this assignment by Friday, June 25th.

This is not a graded assignment, but we ask that you complete the PyCharm installation and fill out the Google form by the end of the week so we can ensure that you are ready for the programming assignments (and so we can get to know you!)

Welcome to CS106A! This assignment is designed to help you get your development environment set up and running so that you can compile, run, and debug programs. There isn't any actual programming involved, and we hope that this doesn't take you too much time to complete. You don't need to understand what the code you're being asked to run is actually doing just yet.

Step 1) Install PyCharm

Your first task is to configure your computer for "PyCharm", the development environment that we'll be using in CS106A this quarter (starting in week 3). Follow the instructions in the PyCharm Installation Guide for your operating system.

If you run into trouble installing PyCharm, don't panic! Post a question on Ed, or stop by the LaIR and we can help you out.

Step 2) Who are you?

Fill out this Google Form to provide some information about yourself to the course staff. Note: you must be logged into your Stanford Google account in order to access the form.