Final Exam Season

Nobody needs to study over Thanksgiving break. Our final is Dec 9th, and there's plenty of time to practice the materials in the days before that. BUT some students have asked for practice problems - perhaps for on the plane - so here they are.

Final Exam Structure

Our final exam will be 2 hours long with the same format as the midterm — writing homework-like functions. As before, we'll grant partial credit for partially correct code, and not marking off for superficial syntax type errors. The final exam will cover the whole quarter, so 60% of the exam will look just like the midterm, and 40% will be the post-midterm topics.

Practice Midterm Problems

To practice your understanding of the midterm topics, our own midterm and its practice materials are an excellent source of problems. Even though you have seen these problems before, you can drill on them until you have the code patterns down. Also some of the practice problems we skipped previously, since they used dicts, but now you can do them.

Practice Final Exam Problems