Homework 1a

This is part (a) of homework-1 and there is separate part (b). All parts of HW1 is due Wed Oct 2nd 11:55pm. (often homework is due Tue eve, but the (b) material depends on Mon lecture, so we're giving an extra day.)

CS106A section leaders will be available Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu eve to provide help in the Tresidder Lair. Definitely swing by there if you get stuck or need more explanations, that what they're there for. The "Lair" is downstairs in the Tresidder dining area, midway between the Starbucks and the Ice cream shop. Look for the table with the little "CS106" marker on it.

Coding Problems:

1. Logic HW

2. Crazy Stanford

3. Outback

For each problem, generally work on (a) first, then part (b), and so on, usually running just 1 case at a time to build and test your code.

When everything is working, select the "Run All" option in the menu and Run to check your code against all the cases., If successful, the output is "All Correct" at the top with the big checkmark, which means your code produces the correct output. You should still check your code over for clean style. This success also places a little "Noted: All Correct" note just below your code. There will be separate instructions about turning your code in to your section leader