Today: Last lecture, conclusions, final exam, your future in CS

Final Exam Notes

Lots of Need for Programmers

Story: I was wearing shorts, t-shirt, and Tevas on a bike, stopped for a red light. The word "Python" appeared on my t-shirt. A passerby in the cross-walk asked if I was looking for work.

There are many problems in the world which are currently unsolved due to lack of programmers. Problems in the for-profit world, problems in the non-profit world, in research, in art ... lots of potential programming areas. There is a scarcity of programmers.

CS106A Message vs. The Movies

Python - Programmer Efficient, Big

Code Ideas in Python

Your Second Programming Language

Here is some C++ code

// comments start with 2 slashes
int i = 0;                    // declare type of var
while (true) {                // curly braces
    i += 1;                   // same as py, semicolons
    if (i == 100) {           // same as py + braces
    i += "Hello";             // error detected
    // int/string types different,
    // Error is flagged at edit-time:
    // *earlier* than python, an improvement

Possible Next Steps

Most Stanford students take 1 or 2 CS classes and then get on with their lives.

Next "CS106" CS106B


CS for Social good - Survey course on applications of fundamental computer science concepts from CS 106B/X to problems in the social good space (such as health, government, education, and environment). Each week consists of in-class activities designed by student groups, local tech companies, and nonprofits.

explore courses. Take concurrently with CS106B.

Scientific Python CME 193

Think About Section Leading

Map of CS Major

What is CS Integer Mathematics?

CS Major Tracks / Concentrations

Human Computer Interaction - HCI Design

Symbolic Systems Major

A sibling to the CS major - similar intellectual domains but less focus on coding

An interdisciplinary major that uses the lenses of CS, Philosophy, Psychology and Linguistics to study systems that use symbols to represent information. As a symsys major, you can focus your studies in AI, Neuroscience, Natural Language, Philosophical Foundations or even design your own concentration.

Brahm is a Symsys major!

Big Data - Machine Learning

"Mimic" Project - Modeling

Modeling - Self Driving Car

Where is the Magic in CS?

Computer programs are so powerful, such neat output, we think the computer is magical. That's only half right.
alt: ghost input image with foot in the way

Where is the Insight? The Power?