Download Your Midterm

Download your encrypted midterm: The encrypted midterms are ready to download! (If the links are not live for your exam, check back soon). You should download the exam in advance of arriving at your exam location. Warning: Make sure to download the correct exam -- otherwise the password you are given in your exam room won't match (sad times).

Exam Type Download Links
Regular Seating Mon. 7-9PM Mac PC Linux
SCPD, or other (alternate/OAE) 2 HOUR exam Mac PC Linux
OAE 150% extra time Mac PC Linux
OAE 150% extra time + breaks Mac PC Linux


Last Name: A through J
Cubberly Auditorium

Last Name: K through Z
Hewlett 200

What to bring

The exam is on computer. You should bring:

  • Your laptop and charger
  • The device you use for two-step authentication
  • Paper notes (it's open book)

If you don't have a working laptop let us know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and we will get you set up with one.

Practice Midterm

On a Windows PC, download the .zip file and completely extract it into another folder. Then open the BlueBook program by double-clicking. If you get a Windows message that says, "Windows protected your PC," click on "More info" and then "Run anyway" (We're working on resolving this!).

On a mac, after downloading, select the app and right or control-click. Click on Open. Click on Open again to confirm you want to complete the action.

The password for the exam is funkyPenguin. Practice exam submission will not work , but a tool to view your exam answers - as well as solutions - will be released this weekend. If you run into any issues, please email Brahm and Chris .


In order to view your practice midterm answers, download the appropriate exam viewer below: upon opening the application, you should be able to view your answers immediately.

  • Mac download: Mac
  • PC download: PC
  • Linux download: Linux

Should you run into any issues, please email Brahm . Note that this exam viewer will work only for this Practice Midterm, and not future exams.

Review Session

The video is available via the link below, which takes you to the same Canvas page where YEAH hours videos are available.

Other Resources

Note: problem 2a) (7 < 9 - 5 & & 3 % 0 == 3) requires a concept known as "short-circuit evaluation" that is not on the midterm exam.