Downloading BlueBook

Quiz #1 Date: April 16th, 2021


Please make sure to download and install BlueBook on your laptop before the quiz. Download links--as well as a guide to using BlueBook--can be found here. BlueBook was designed for closed-internet exams, and so the splash screen asks you to not access the internet or other applications. We are not enforcing this this quarter but you should check the box anyway.

Additionally, the honor code requires that the solutions you produce are your own. You're welcome to use any external resources you want, but you should not be copying preexisting solutions on the internet. BlueBook does not allow you to copy and paste into or out of the application to ensure your solutions are your own.

A practice quiz that can be run on BlueBook can be downloaded below. This practice will be run under timed conditions, and give you an idea of what to expect for the actual quiz.

Should you run into any technical issues, shoot Juliette an email at .

Note: BlueBook runs on Windows, macOS and Linux computers. If you do not have one of these computers (e.g. a Chromebook), please let Juliette know as soon as possible.

Practice Materials (Coming Soon)

The problems in the above practice test are just exercises that will help you practice. They do not necessarily reflect the problems that will be on your quiz. They are more like placeholder problems to help you learn how to use BlueBook before your first quiz. For actual review problems, please check out the review questions on the quiz 1 review handout.

Note: We unfortunately currently don't have a way for students to submit the practice exam nor a way to access their own submissions from the BlueBook practice. If you'd like to compare your answers to the posted solutions, please make sure to copy, save, or otherwise keep your answers before submitting. Apologies for some of the growing pains as we develop all of the functionality of our new electronic system!