CS106A Midterm Grades

Ok, thanks the hard work of Juliette and the staff, we have the midterms graded. Here's what you need to know about our exams

Before we gave the exam, we felt it was a pretty challenging exam. With the grading done, the median score was 92/100 which means many people did very well on it. I think this reflects that people are studying and doing well, not that the exam was too easy. So that's great, and if the whole class is doing great, we will just give better course grades.


Here is the graph of the distribution:

If you did well, say 90 or above, you're doing great.

For people below 90 - there's several things you need to understand, so there is no need tp panic.

1. There is a long tradition of people being sort of shocked and doing badly on their first code-writing exam. Often people do significantly better on their second code-writing exam, I think because their studying adjusts to the realities of producing code on an exam.

2. This is a service class for the university, and we mostly give A and B course grades. We do not use a simple high-school type system where 80 is a B. Instead we look at the exam, and think about which scores correspond to sort of "good" which is a B.

In this case, I'd say the B range is around 60-90. People in there can write Python code that works in many cases, but they are not operating at the top level.

Moving Forward

We're going to have a final exam too. The final exam will count 3x the midterm. The final exam will include material from the entire quarter, and the questions will resemble the code from the lectures and homeworks. So everyone will need to study for that seriously, and the midterm is sort of a first run-through.

Second Chance

Second Chance Rule: if someone does a lot better on the final exam than on the midterm, then we will count their final more and the midterm less in their final course grade. So no matter how someone did on the midterm, if they redouble their efforts and do better on the final, we will not let the poor midterm score sink their grade.


Did we grade your exam wrong? Here is the standard re-grade text. We try to grade as consistently as possible, but we are human and we might make mistakes. If you feel like one of your problems was misgraded, please file a regrade request on Gradescope. The regrade requests will open tonight and must be submitted before Friday, November 5th at 1:00pm PT. Note that this is the only way to have your regrade request considered; in particular, asking your section leader to take a quick look to see whether a problem was misgraded is not a way of short circuiting this process. We want you to have the credit you deserve, but filing a formal request helps us make sure that your request goes to the right person. If you submit a regrade regrade request, we do reserve the right to regrade the entire problem and make any necessary corrections.