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Q: The question is, does Chris have a publicly accessible playlist?

A1:  Yes! Search Chris Piech on spotify

Q: is the HW#7 due at midnight today? When I submitted it it saied its due 11.59PM Nov 18

A1:  11:59pm PST tonight

Q: Chris, do you have a name for your daughter yet? CONGRATS AGAIN!!

A1:  Were down to a final three… which is about two names too many :D

Q: Just out of curiosity, for assignments like Bias Bars where a lot of the code structure was either in the starter code or closely instructed on the handout, how does the honor code violation detection software apply as we might have incidentally similar code with our classmates?

A1:  We have a really cool algorithm that takes all of that into account!

Q: how many people applied for the contest?

A1:  Close to 50

Q: If exam regrades were approved, are they posted to the same place where we saw our diagnostic 2 grade?

A1:  yes!

A2:  You should have received an email and you can see the updated grade in the same place where you saw the diagnostic 2 grade.

Q: How hard is it to recieve 100% on participation?

A1:  Thats a deep question. You have to show up to section and participate through the quarter

Q: Mehran how do you deal with your kid’s time on screens when it is your job to be on screens?

A1:  It's always a challenge, especially now that school is all online. We just try to teach them to be responsible online and give them a fair bit of leeway as long as they seem they are managing that responsibility well.

Q: Chris, you should let us vote on the name

A1:  Thats how you end up with a little girl name Mehran the 2nd :)

Q: Will we be able to see the code for some of these projects?

A1:  You can ask the winners if they would like ot share it with you

Q: Juliette is really amazing for all those super fast Ed answers

A1:  You all aks great questions!

Q: what are Mehran and Chris's top burrito reccomendations in the area???

A1:  Celia's and El Grullense are my personal favorites for burritos.

Q: Will the practice problems on parlante.org be available after the course ends ?

A1:  I think yes.

Q: Thanks to the teaching team for your help! It was truly appreciated

A1:  Thank you for all of the time and efforr that you put into this class!

Q: what type of graphs are more popular with data visualization using Python?

A1:  Depends on the application. Everything from just simple graphs to animations (which you've seen both of in class) can be useful. It really depends on the message you are trying to convey.

Q: is there a certain cutoff for an a? and is this class curved at all?

A1:  Yes, the class is curved. The curve will be determined once we actually have all the program scores.

Q: in our extension, should each file show a description under it when we search it up in Bajillion?

A1:  That would be an additional extension if you want to add it.

Q: huge thank you to the teaching team !!! I never thought that I would enjoy CS, but this class changed my mind! can’t wait to take more CS classes … and perhaps major in CS :)

A1:  We're glad you enjoyed the experience. Thanks for taking the class. We hope it's helpful to you in the future.

Q: With a first course in programming like this, no wonder everyone would aspire to be CS major. Thanks a ton Menhra, Chris and Juliette and all TAs.

A1:  Thank YOU(!!) for taking the class. We appreciate it.

Q: will the class curve down?

A1:  We will be grading on a curve. The curve will be determined after we get all the assignment scores.

Q: oops sorry for the typo Mehran!

A1:  No worries! Good times. :-)

Q: I truly enjoyed this class, thanks to the entire teaching team. I would look forward to finishing my work for other classes just so I can work on my programs haha

A1:  Thank YOU(!) for taking the class!

A2:  We are so glad that you enjoyed the course!

Q: The teaching staff is really something amazing! I've never had teachers that are so passionate in the work they teach!

A1:  its so much fun to teach! I recommend it to all :)

Q: Thank you to the whole teaching team!! I’ve grown to become very fond of CS and hope to learn more in the future :)

A1:  It was our pleasure :)

Q: Something that I really appreciate about this class is how all the teaching staff really emphasize growth and learning. When we get to really difficult classes like 107 and 103, what should we tell ourselves to keep going (besides all the awesome things Chris just mentioned)? Were there points in your CS carerer when you really struggled?

A1:  live answered

Q: i heard so much about this class so i knew i had to take it even tho im not a cs major, but i was worried it would be different online. but it was done literally SO well, thank u sm for putting so much care and attention into cs106a online, it really showed!

A1:  thanks for appreciating it. Its a lot of work :D

Q: To Chris, Mehran, and Juliette: there will never be a teaching team as amazing as you! You truly made the class special!

A1:  Thank you — its a real joy to get to work with them.

Q: will Mehran and Chris continue to hold their OH for next few weeks?

A1:  This is the last week of OH for mehran and chris

Q: Thank you guys so much. Truly a life changing experience and such an amazing class!!

A1:  thanks!

Q: Would y’all recommend taking 106B immediately after this class, or taking a break? Thanks for everything!

A1:  if you can fit it in your schedule i would say go for it next quarter!

Q: Shoutout to everyone designing the assignments — that clearly takes a lot of work

A1:  True story. Its important work because you spend so much time coding

Q: Where can we come visit you once we’re back on campus?

A1:  We'll have our office information posted on our websites. We're also in the midst of an office move, so we'll actually be in different office when campus reopens.

Q: Many thanks to everyone involved in making this class such a success. Especially in the online format, the class was taught extraordinarily well! Have a great break.

A1:  :)

Q: thank you all so much… also.…. can we see simba? :)

A1:  hes out of the house — he sometimes barks a lot during lecture :)

Q: Thank you very much for everything! I truly enjoyed this class!

A1:  It was our pleasure

Q: Does Juliette have any advice for people considering becoming a section leader, but worried about time management/balancing work with school and research?

A1:  Yes! It is about 15 hours per week of work, but you do get used to that and get into a routine. I usually don’t take 20 unit quarters when I am section leading because I want to have a good balance, but I have always found it manageable.

Q: If we want to continue practicing by going back to the class material, will we still have access to the things on the website, Ed, and canvas?

A1:  You will still have access to Ed and the course website will be up until January. I am not sure when canvas changes.

Q: what are the best sources of data if I want to work on data visualizations over the break?

A1:  check out kaggle there are tons, but that is a good place to start

Q: If we get stuck on one of our own CS projects (i.e. we’re building a website over break) can we ask you guys and Juliette for help, even though you’re not our official teachers anymore?

A1:  there isn’t a great way to ask questions to past instructors. But our office hours are open!

Q: Thank you so much. Amazing class. Best class I have ever taken in my life...….and I am 30 and this is my third degree

A1:  Thank YOU(!) for taking it!

Q: Wait CS is moving out of gates?

A1:  Just some folks. Much of the department is staying there.

Q: Hi Chris, I remember you mentiong earlier in the class that you do research in ed tech. Are there ways that we can get involved?

A1:  Yes! I suppose as lifelong students you already might have ideas — if you think of somehting you want to build there are ways to get “research units” — if you dont know yet what you want to build, or you dont think you know enough yet, take a few more courses and then come back and we can talk :)

Q: how much of python did when learn in this class? 30%?

A1:  live answered

Q: Not a question but I just wanted to say I have truly enjoyed taking this class. I took a risk by taking CS for the first time in my life, and I have been truly inspired by all the amazing things that programming can create! Thanks so much!!!!

A1:  Thank you for all of the hard work and effort that you put into this course.

Q: what happened to simba?

A1:  live answered

Q: Are there more Python courses we can take after this?

A1:  live answered

Q: I’m a sophomore and CS106A was my frist time coding, is it too late to pursue computer science? I’ve really enjoyed it and I am considering a change in my major.

A1:  Not too late at all!!

Q: how can we continue to learning more of Python that is doable at our level after this class?

A1:  live answered

Q: where do you reccomend us to go to if we want to learn more about python?

A1:  live answered

Q: Thank you! Do you also do research on top of that?

A1:  Not this quarter, but hopefully soon!

Q: Is there a website where we can search through all the Python libraries out there?

A1:  live answered

A2:  Usually you think about what you want to do and then search for libraries that help you do that.

Q: Do you have to be finished taking 106B, or simply enrolled in 106B to apply to be a section leader?

A1:  Enrolled in 106B.

Q: Also thank you for answering all my questions on Ed!!

A1:  Happy to answer them!

Q: Would you recommend 106B for someone who does not intend to be a CS major? Only interest in leatning programming skills useful for applied work

A1:  Yes! 106B is an awesome course!!

Q: Thank you for a fantastic class! Remote learning is tough, and you all never failed to make the weeks exciting!

A1:  thank you for doing your work! We all want the same thing: for you to be a great coder

Q: What language are classes like 229 taught in?

A1:  Im fairly sure that cs229 has changed to python. Cs221 is in python and basically all other AI classes

Q: Hi Chris! Are you planning on offering CS398 again?

A1:  Maybe next year!

Q: As a grad studen who is looking to transition to a career that is more on the software side, do you have any advice for what to look for after this class?

A1:  cs106b basically teaches you everything you need to know to nail the interview — as well as the next layer of fundamentals

Q: Do you have any advice on how to go about the search engine web extension? I'm not sure where/how to start

A1:  have you managed to run the starter code? And try to send a few queries through your browser? This might be a good question for ed if you want to get into more detail

Q: which libraries are useful if we are interested in AI?

A1:  numpy is amazing. I also love pytorch for deep learning

A2:  numpy and pandas are two important ones. There are also lots of libraries for machine learning/neural networks.

Q: Would you recommend taking CS106B and CS109 together?

A1:  Take CS106B before CS109. CS106B is a prereq for CS109.

A2:  They are both pretty demanding courses. I would probably recommend taking CS106B first and then CS109, but I think you are allowed to take them concurrently.

Q: Can we use the graphics.py and simpleimage.py from this course for personal projects?

A1:  Yes!

Q: What are Chris and Mehran currently researching?

A1:  live answered

Q: For how long will we have access to the CS106 webpage and Panopto Course Videos?

A1:  Probably until Winter quarter starts, although that's controlled by the university, not us. So we don't know for sure when they will take that down.

Q: are there office hours today?

A1:  Yes. They will start at 2pm.

Q: do you know where I can find more about CS in sport? Specifically football (soccer)

A1:  Check out RoboCup for a whole community that focuses on robots playing football/soccer.

Q: what is the name of the lab that Chris is refering to about these research projects?

A1:  we are a brand new lab! I suppose its called the piech lab :)

Q: When will we find out what our grades are?

A1:  through axess!

Q: PyTorch or TensorFlow?

A1:  PyTorch!!!

Q: when are you taking down the site

A1:  Next quarter it gets replaced with new quarter content. Here is a permanent link to our archived course: http://web.stanford.edu/class/archive/cs/cs106a/cs106a.1212/

Q: Any recommendations for places to explore the intersection of law/legal research and cs?

A1:  There are a lot of like minded folks. Its such a big and important new area of work. The law school has some initiatives that they just started — but I can’t recall the names off the top of my head. I know there is a similarly large push from the “public policy folks”

A2:  There are a lot of classes in this area at Stanford (search ExploreCourses). Also check out CodeX at the Stanford Law School and the Computational Social Science lab.

Q: If I wanna know more about how to use python to do text mining thing, would you recommend me some courses either in CS or other departments?

A1:  The NLP courses are amazing! Those are the ones to work towards

Q: Did you learn only through CS classes or did you studied outside the curriculusm on your own? If so what ideas can you give us to do likewise?

A1:  Some coursework, som outside study, some learning on the job. Classes are great for getting foundations and then you can build on that.

A2:  I would say I chose a few outside projects to work on, especially in my 2nd and 3rd year of CS