Homework 1 - Bit

HW 1 is made a range of Bit problems.

This is part (a) if you want to get started. We'll hand out part (b) on Fri when we have covered the needed material. The whole thing is due Wed Apr 7th at 11:55pm.

LaIR helper hours (linked off course page) begin for the quarter on Sun night.

Solve these problems using loops and logic like the lecture examples (not using Python features like for, range, int counting, break, and, or .. which we have not covered yet.)

Work on your code using one case at a time. As a last step, select the "Run All" option in the menu and Run to check your code against all the cases. If successful, the output is "All Correct" at the top with the big checkmark, which means your code produces the correct output. You should also check your code over for clean style. (We will explain separately how you submit your working code.)

a. Problems

These first 5 problems are 1 function each - no extra decomposition.

1. top-rgb

2. top-bot

3. top-logic1

4. top-logic2

5. hidey-hole

More problems added Friday + how to submit