End-quarter schedule revisions
yesterday by Julie

Please join the conversation on Ed to show support and solidarity to all members of our community.

Assignment 6 Released
1 week and 2 days ago by Nick

Assignment 6 has been released and is ready for you to get started on! You'll get lots of practice with linked data structures, pointers, and sorting on this assignment. We hope you all enjoy working on it!

The Assignment 6 YEAH session will take place on Tuesday night from 7-8pm PDT. We are also continuing on with the collaborative work sessions that we started last week, with two more scheduled for the coming days. As a reminder, these sessions are a great opportunity to meet with other students that are getting started on the assignment and ask any high-level conceptual questions that you might have about getting started on the assignment. Specific details can be found on the assignment page. We hope to see you there!

Assignment 5 Grace Period Extension
1 week and 2 days ago by Nick

Due to the modified LaIR times as a result of the Memorial Day holiday, we have decided to extend the grace period for submission for Assignment 5 by 24 hours. This means that submissions will be accepted through end-of-day Monday, which should give folks an opportunity to access Chris's OHs on Monday and the LaIR on Monday night.

While we are making this change to allow for greater flexibility for you all, we want to remind everyone that Assignment 6 will still be due on the normal timeline, and there will be no grace period for Assignment 7 (since all work must be submitted in time to allow for end-of-quarter grading) so we would recommend that you all keep this in mind when planning out your plan for attack for the remaining assignments this quarter.

Happy coding!

Memorial Day Holiday
1 week and 3 days ago by Nick

Due to the Memorial Day holiday on Monday, we have the following logistical updates:

  • There will be no lecture on Monday, May 25.

  • There will be no LaIR on Sunday, May 24.

  • There will be no morning LaIR (9-11am) on Monday, May 25.

  • The normally-scheduled evening LaIR time (5-9pm) on Monday, May 25 will still be happening.

  • There will be an extra Wednesday morning LaIR shift added from 9-11am PDT on Wednesday, May 27.

  • Chris will still be holding OHs from 11am-1pm on Monday, May 25

Assignment 5 YEAH and Additional Help Resources
2 weeks and 1 day ago by Nick

The Assignment 5 YEAH session has been scheduled for Tuesday, May 19 from 7:00-8:00pm PDT. As always, we strongly recommend attending the session if you're looking for help and support about how to get started on the assignment! The Zoom meeting information can be found on the Zoom Details page. The session will be recorded and posted on Canvas and the slides will be posted on the assignment webpage.

In addition, since the YEAH session is happening a little bit later than usual this week, Nick will be hosting the first collaborative group work session tomorrow night from 6-7pm PDT. The session is open to anyone and will be focused on providing a collaborative group work environment where students can work together and collaborate on the assignment at a high level, while Nick will be around to answer any conceptual questions regarding how to get started on the assignment. As always, Zoom information for this can be found on the Zoom details page. We hope to see you there!

Assignment 5 Released
2 weeks and 1 day ago by Nick

Assignment 5 has been released! In this assignment, you will get the opportunity to design and implement your very own data structure class, while getting lots of great practice with dynamic memory allocation, arrays, and heaps along the way. The assignment also includes some small application components to show you the power of the data structure that you have implemented yourself! We hope that you all find the assignment to be interesting and enriching. The Assignment 5 YEAH session is still being planned, and we will release more details about it when they become available!

Mid-Quarter Assessment Prep Materials Posted
3 weeks and 2 days ago by Nick

Information regarding the logistics and format of the mid-quarter assessment has been posted under the Assessments tab of the website. We have also posted practice materials there, and will be posting recordings of mock assessment sessions later this weekend. The page is linked here for your convenience.

Pixar Night Tonight
3 weeks and 4 days ago by Nick

Quick reminder that Pixar Night is happening tonight at 4:30pm! Zoom information has been posted on the event page! We have also gotten approval to record the event and post it on Canvas, so if you aren't able to make it live tonight, you'll still be able to join in on the fun!

Assignment 4 YEAH
4 weeks and 1 day ago by Nick

The Assignment 4 YEAH session has been scheduled for Monday, May 4 from 5:00-6:00pm PDT. We highly recommend attending the session if you are able to, as many students found this resource to be very helpful for Assignment 3. The Zoom meeting information can be found on the Zoom Details page. The session will be recorded and posted on Canvas and the slides will be posted on the course website shortly after the session is over.

Let there be backtracking!
4 weeks and 2 days ago by Julie

Assignment 4 has landed. The backtracking assignment has typically been three small problems or one big program with multiple recursive pieces. We wanted to scale back a little as mid-quarter activity heats up for y'all, but there is no such thing as a least favorite child when it comes to recursive backtracking problems… So we wrote up all 3 and you get to pick 2. You'll learn something neat and different from each of them and if you can do all 3, all the better, but if concentrating on just 2 gives you a much-needed chance to catch your breath, please do. By popular demand, Trip will lead another fabulous YEAH (Your Early Assignment Help), most likely Monday night. Time and zoom will be announced as soon as settled.

CS106 Pixar Night
1 month and 1 day ago by Nick

We have an exciting event to announce! We're going to be hosting the first-ever CS106 Pixar Night next Thursday, May 7th from 4:30-6pm PDT. We'll be joined by a selection of folks from Pixar that recently worked on Onward, who will be talking to us about the technical and creative aspects of creating an animated film that lie at the intersection of computer science and art. This should be a really awesome event, and you can find more details on the event page!

Assessment Format Info Posted
1 month and 5 days ago by Nick

Information about the mid-quarter and end-quarter assessments for CS106B this quarter has been posted on the About Assessments page. We are trying out a new format this quarter, focused on student learning growth and personalized 1-on-1 feedback, so please make sure to read about the details and goals that we are aiming to accomplish.

Modified LaIR Hours, Instructor OHs, and YEAH Session
1 month and 6 days ago by Nick

We have a couple of announcements regarding some modifications and additions regarding help resources in CS106B this quarter.

  • Starting this week, the morning LaIR schedule is being adjusted to consolidate more helpers into the time slots we offer. This change is meant to keep wait times reasonable during morning LaIR, as well as allow us to keep the queue open for a longer duration of time, so that students do not have to show up right at 9am in order to be able to get help. The morning LaIR will now be held on Mondays & Tuesdays between the hours of 9am and 11am. Please note that morning LaIR hours are primarily geared towards students who can’t attend the evening LaIR hours due to time zone constraints or other obligations.
  • Starting this week, Nick's office hours will be moved to take place on Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 9am to 11am. Both of Nick's office hour sessions will be converted to group office hours, to help increase the number of students that can get help. The office hours schedule has been updated to reflect this change.
  • Starting with Assignment 3, we will be hosting a YEAH (Your Early Assignment Help) session for each assignment. This session will give a detailed walkthrough of the assignment, complete with tips and tricks about how to get started and develop a successful approach to completing the assignment. The A3 YEAH session will take place on Monday, April 27 from 5:30pm to 6:30pm PDT. Zoom information for the session can be found on the Zoom details page. The session will be recorded and posted on Canvas.
  • We are actively working on coming up with more ways to be able to support students as the quarter progresses. If you're interested, join the discussion on Ed.
Asssignment 3
1 month and 1 week ago by Julie

Assignment 3 is up. One of our ace section leaders Trip is planning a group YEAH (Your Early Assignment Help) session to jump start your recursive problem solving; look for an announcement of time and zoom on that soon. We're also thinking about other creative ways to better support the entirety of our enormous cohort. Join the conversation on Ed and offer your thoughts.

Asssignment 2 posted
1 month and 1 week ago by Julie

Assignment 2 is ready! We had planned for release yesterday but decided to take some extra time to rework to better fit the new testing framework. Thank you for patience, we hope our efforts will be worth the wait. On account of the late release, we will move the planned due date back a day. All submission received by end of day Saturday earn the on-time bonus, the grace period will extend until end of day Monday. Enjoy!

Section Assignments
1 month and 2 weeks ago by Nick

Section assignments have been made. Students who filled out the section signup on time should have received an email with details of their section. If your section time no longer works for you or you were unable to sign up for a section in time, visit the CS198 Website to join a section. This page will also have a link to a list of all the section times for students wishing to make up a missed section. Note that section participation is required for all enrolled students in CS 106B.

Free Online CTL Tutoring
1 month and 2 weeks ago by Nick

We've been asked to share this message on behalf of the Center for Teaching and Learning:

Want to meet with an experienced peer to discuss course concepts, think through a problem set, or prepare for an upcoming exam? CTL offers appointment tutoring for CS 106B, in addition to tutoring for a number of other courses. For more information and to schedule an appointment, visit our tutoring appointments and drop-in schedule page. We also have a variety of remote learning opportunities and academic coaching available to assist with all of your learning needs!

Assignment 1 Released
1 month and 3 weeks ago by Nick

Assignment 1 has now been released! In this assignment, you will get practice with C++ fundamentals, including functions, return, decomposition, strings, as well as good testing and debugging practices. Check out the assignment page for more info!

Section Signups, Qt Installation Help, and Other Logistics
1 month and 3 weeks ago by Nick

Here are the last set of important logistical announcements for this week:

  • Section signups are now live! To fill out your section time preferences, head on over to the CS198 website. Remember, everyone (including SCPD students) is required to join a section for this class, as this is how you get assigned a section leader that will be responsible for grading your assignments and conducting your assessments. You will be able to input and change your section preferences until Sunday, April 12 at 5pm PDT. After this point, the portal will temporarily close while assignments are being made. Section assignments will be released to you on Tuesday of next week, and sections will begin starting Wednesday of next week.

  • The Qt Installation Help Session will be happening tonight from 7-9pm PDT. The point of this help session is to help those of you that have encountered issues in the installation process. To save time, please make sure you have attempted to work through the installation process before coming to the help session tonight. For those of you that want to attend the session tonight, we will be using Queuestatus to manage requests. You can get in line to get help by signing up for the queue after it opens at 7pm. When signing up, please make sure to have your Zoom app open and to include your SUNetID (the letters in front of your email address) when signing up in the queue so that we can initiate a call with you on Zoom.

  • Assignment 0 is due tomorrow (Friday, April 10) at 11:59pm Anywhere on Earth (reference clock here). Make sure to get Qt Creator installed so that you can complete the assignment and be ready to start on Assignment 1 when that is released over the weekend! We've really enjoyed reading all of the form responses from those of you that have submitted so far – our respondents so far span 22 unique time zones and folks from all different walks of life!

  • If you have academic accommodations, please email Nick your OAE letter as soon as possible (if you have not already done so), so he can start to make arrangements. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry about it!

Office Hours, Getting Help in CS106B, and Zoom Info
1 month and 3 weeks ago by Nick

With Assignment 0 out and the quarter starting to get into full swing, we will be starting to hold office hours beginning on Wednesday (4/8)! For more information about office hours, check out the Office Hours Schedule, which is also linked under the 'Quick Links' sidebar menu. This page contains information about the scheduling and format of office hours this quarter.

Additionally, there were multiple other avenues for getting help in CS106B that Chris introduced yesterday, including the LaIR, Ed Discussion, and email. For help navigating these different resources, check out the Getting Help page!

Finally, we have collected all the Zoom information for lecture, office hours, section and LaIR, all in one helpful place. You can find all this info on the Zoom Details page. This page has restricted access to enrolled students. If you need to access the page but are not officially enrolled in the class, please email Nick. If you are an auditor or waiting on a petition to officially enroll in the class, you can still access the Zoom webinar links for lecture from the course Canvas page.

Mental Health and Well-Being Resources
1 month and 3 weeks ago by Nick

Our main priority as a course staff this quarter is your physical and mental health and well-being. While each member of the course staff is here to support you, we are not the only resources that are available to you this quarter. Although the majority of you will not be on campus this quarter, many of the traditional on-campus offices and departments that exist to support students have transitioned to a virtual format for this upcoming quarter. Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of some of the resources that we want you all to be aware of this quarter:

We hope that you will take the time this quarter to keep a pulse on your own mental health and well-being and utilize the above resources as necessary to build strength and resiliency in these uncertain times. 

Who are you?
1 month and 3 weeks ago by Nick

Even though CS106B is going to be a large class this quarter, all three of us on the course staff are interested to get to know each and every one of you! To that end, we have released a short Assignment 0, which includes a survey to help us learn more about you, along with a short tutorial to get you familiarized with Qt Creator, the development environment we will be using this quarter. You can find more information about the assignment on the Assign0 webpage.

This survey will help us tailor the class according to your needs and preferences. Please complete the assignment by Friday, April 10th at 11:59pm AoE (Anywhere on Earth).

1 month and 3 weeks ago by Nick

CS100B, also known as CS106B ACE, is a 1-unit supplementary section designed to build a stronger foundation in computer science. Students participating in ACE will attend an additional weekly section and participate in exam review sessions and individual tutoring. Section will take place on Zoom from 4:30-6:30pm PDT every Thursday, starting this week.

ACE is one of the School of Engineering’s Equity and Inclusion Initiatives. We especially want to provide an opportunity for students who come from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds or for anyone who feels they might need additional support in order to succeed. We limit enrollment to enable small classes that allow students to have one-on-one interactions with the TA.

If you are interested in joining the ACE section, email Ngoc Tran (Student Services Officer for Equity and Inclusion). If you have any questions about ACE, feel free to reach out to Garrick Fernandez (CS106B ACE TA).

Optional Test Lecture
2 months ago by Julie, Chris, and Nick

We will be having a test run of our technical setup for delivering lectures this upcoming Friday, April 3 from 9-9:30am PDT. If you want to come by and say hi to the course staff, you can join using this Zoom link. The password for the Webinar is cs106bTest. This is completely optional and no course content will be covered during this lecture. We hope to see you there!

Welcome to CS106B
2 months and 3 days ago by Julie, Chris, and Nick

This is the website for CS106B (Programming Abstractions) in Spring 2020.

We're looking forward to a great quarter of online learning with you all! Our first day of class will be April 6, 2020 from 2:30-3:20PM.

This website will be under construction until the first day of class, so please pardon our dust! In the meantime, if you're interested in learning more about the course this quarter, hop on over to the Frequently Asked Questions for answers to questions you may have about CS106B this spring.

Last quarter's website
2 months and 3 days ago by Julie, Chris, and Nick

If you are looking for the Winter 2020 CS 106B course website, please click here