Due November 8 at 5pm PDT

Parts A and B must be done individually. Pair work is only allowed for Part C.

Assignment Parts

This assignment has three parts, all of which are required.
(For planning purposes: Part C requires significantly more time than Parts A and B.)

Turning In:

Pair Programming Option

You may optionally work on this assingment as a pair programming assignment. If you would like to work in a pair on this assignment, you may, under the following conditions:

  • Both partners must be in the same section and must both be taking the course for either a grade or for credit/no credit.
  • At no time should partners be coding alone. To be clear: all coding must be done together, on a single computer. One partner should type, and the other should watch over that partner's shoulder. Each partner should take turns at the keyboard.
  • Pair programming is less about sharing the workload and more about sharing ideas and working together. During the IG for the assignment, if a Section Leader does not think both partners contributed equally and worked together, the SL may forbid pair programming on a future assignment.
  • Pairs who "split the assignment" where one partner does part of the assignment alone, and the other partner does another part of the assignment alone will be in violation of the Honor Code.