Warmup Problems:

This exercise is a pair of short "warm-up" problems related to this unit of course material.

This is an individual exercise. Write your own solution and do not work in a pair/group on this activity.

Complete the following problems:

  1. icon CodeStepByStep: printKthNode
  2. icon CodeStepByStep: mirrorTree

If you get segfaults and other tricky errors, you may want to write your code in our provided Qt Creator project instead, and then paste it into CodeStepByStep for final submission and testing when you are finished.

If you create a CodeStepByStep account using your @stanford.edu email, log in to that account, and solve these problems, you will have completed this exercise. There is no separate "turn in" step because your section leader will be able to access your results directly from CodeStepByStep. You may resubmit them as many times as you like; we will grade your latest submission.


Since this is just a warm-up, your submission for this exercise will be graded entirely on functionality. If your code passes all of the automated tests, you will earn full credit. You do not need to comment your code nor worry about programming style for your grade.

Turning In:

When you are finished, there are no additional steps to submit your assignment. Your section leader will automatically have access to your final submission.

Alternative to CodeStepByStep:

Alternate Submission: If you cannot use CodeStepByStep or do not want to use that tool, we offer a Qt Creator project with these warmup problems as a backup. You can type your code into the files of the project and run the project to test your work. Once you finish, you will need to turn in your files to the Google Form below. We recommend that most students use CodeStepByStep if possible and use this Qt Creator project only as a backup if necessary.