Lecture 4/17: Sets and Maps

April 17, 2020

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Lecture 6: The Set and Map Classes

CS 106B: Programming Abstractions

Spring 2020, Stanford University Computer Science Department

Lecturers: Chris Gregg and Julie Zelenski

An image of a set, with a box around many circles, each with a letter inside, and an image of a map, with many circles, each with an individual arrow to another circle.

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Sets and Maps

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A set with many words, including "the", "if", "to", "by", but not "be". The image has set.contains("to"), which returns "true", and set.contains("be"), which returns false

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Sets: simple example

Set<string> friends;
cout << boolalpha << friends.contains("voldemort") << 
     << noboolalpha << endl;
for(string person : friends) {
    cout << person << endl;



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Looping over a Set

for(type currElem : set) {
    // process elements one at a time

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Types of Sets

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Set Operands

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Counting Unique Words

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Using Maps

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Maps are Everywhere

Two wikipedia articles, "Yosemite National Park" and "Mariana Trench"

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Creating Maps

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Map Functions

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Map Example

Map<string, string> wiki;

// adds name / text pair to dataset
wiki.put("Neopalpa donaldtrumpi", articleHTML);

// returns corresponding articleHTML
cout << wiki.get("Yosemite National Park");

// removes the article
wiki.remove("Britain in the E.U.");

A Wikipedia article showing a moth named after Donald Trump, called "Neopalpa Donaldtrumpi", because the moth has a shock of yellow hair

A Wikipedia article about Yosemite National Park

A Wikipedia article about the removal of Great Britain from the U.K.

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Types of Maps

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Map Example: Tallying Votes

// tally votes:
// (M)ilk, (S)tokes, (R)ogers

Map<char, int> voteTally;
for (char v : allVotes) {

// loop over the map
for (char initial : voteTally) {
    int numVotes = voteTally[initial];
    cout << initial << ": " << numVotes << " votes" << endl;

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Tallying Words

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