Questions answered via forum and email

It's likely that at least a few times during the quarter, you'll find yourself puzzling over the material, needing clarification of a course requirement or policy, or wrestling with a challenging bug. We can help!

Using the discussion forum

We host a course discussion forum on Piazza. Here you can engage with your peers, ask your questions, and answer those of your classmates. The course staff will also monitor and participate in the forum.

The forum is appropriate for all topics of course relevance, e.g., discussions of readings/lectures, advice on using the tools effectively, clarifying specifications of an assignment, sharing resource materials, and more. You may think you're the only one with your question, but with 200+ students, someone else is bound to be interested. Having the discussion in a public place means that everyone can benefit and keeps things efficient and inclusive to all. The forum is open 24/7 which means you can get help from classmates who are up as late as you are!

A few requests when using the forum:

Go to CS107 Piazza Forum

Email to the course staff

Email to is the contact address for the course staff. Email is used for requests of a personal nature or questions involving the detailed specifics of your code.

A few requests when sending us email:

Send email to cs107@cs