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CS 107A: Problem-solving Lab for CS 107

Autumn 2021

Andrew Benson (adbenson@)

Quick Info
Application Link ACE Application
Credits 1
Grading Participation-based Satisfactory / No Credit
Corequisite CS 107
Sections Tue/Thu 4:00-5:00pm PT in McCullough 126
Section Recordings Canvas
In-Person Office Hours Mon/Wed/Fri 5:30-6:30pm in Huang Basement
Remote Office Hours By request, on weekends over Zoom
Course Communication CS 107A Slack


CS 107A is the ACE section for CS 107, meeting two hours a week to give students an opportunity to review and practice course material in a smaller group setting. We also have CS 107A-specific office hours and support such as exam review sessions to help you do your best in CS 107.

Great, how do I join?

CS 107A is limited to undergraduates (sorry, grad and SCPD students). Like all ACE courses, enrollment into CS 107A is by application. However, we are usually able to accept all applicants. You should apply here and start showing up to class. Accepted students will receive a permission code in advance of the add/drop deadline in Week 3.

What do we do in this class?

You might be interested in the syllabus - see the navigation links at the top! But here's the course schedule.

Date Topic Slides Resources
Week 1: 09/21 About CS 107A Section 1
Week 1: 09/23 Intro UNIX Section 2 Section 2 Worksheet Section 2 Worksheet Solutions
Week 2: 09/28 Integers Section 3 Section 3 Worksheet Section 3 Worksheet Solutions
Week 2: 09/30 Bitwise Operations Section 4 Section 4 Worksheet Section 4 Worksheet Solutions Code (see worksheet for git clone command)
Week 3: 10/05 Chars and Strings Section 5 Code (see slides for git clone command)
Week 3: 10/07 More Strings Section 6 Code (see slides for git clone command)
Week 4: 10/12 Pointers and Memory Section 7 Code (see slides for git clone command)
Week 4: 10/14 Structs and the Heap Section 8 Code (see slides for git clone command)
Week 5: 10/19 Generic Data
Week 5: 10/21 Function Pointers
Week 5-6 TBD Midterm Review Session
Week 6: 10/26 Intro to x86
Week 6: 10/28 x86 Basics
Week 7: 11/02 No Class - Democracy Day
Week 7: 11/04 x86 Control Flow
Week 8: 11/09 x86 Function Calls
Week 8: 11/11 MQA Review / assign5 Office Hours
Week 9: 11/16 Implicit Heap Allocators
Week 9: 11/18 Explicit Heap Allocators
Week 10: 11/30 Beyond CS 107
Week 10: 12/02 assign6 Office Hours