CS 107A

Spring 2023

Welcome to 107A!

🌽 CS 107A is the ACE section for CS 107, meeting two hours a week to give students an opportunity to review and practice course material in a smaller group setting. We also have CS 107A-specific office hours and support such as exam review sessions to help you do your best in CS 107.

🥦 Enrollment CS 107A is limited to undergraduates (sorry, grad and SCPD students). This quarter, all you need to do to join is start showing up to class. Students who are interested but cannot attend the first class or two should email Frankie. Accepted students will receive a permission code in advance of the add/drop deadline in Week 3.

Lecture Code

You can copy the code for each by running the command
cp -r /afs/ir/class/cs107a/WWW/lecture_code/wk[N]_[D] [PATH_TO_107A_DIR]
Where [N] is the week number and D is 1 if its the first section that week and 2 if its the second section that week. If you have cd-ed into your cs107a directory, you can just type . for [PATH_TO_107A_DIR].

Course Information

👩‍🏫 CA: Frankie Cerkvenik

📫 Contact: fmcerk@

🕰️ Meeting times: Mon, Wed 12-1pm CERAS300

⏰ Office Hours: Mon, Wed 6-8pm Littlefield104

📝 ACE Application - no need to apply this quarter!

⚛️ Units: 1

📓 Grading: Participation-based S/NC

📗 Corequisite: CS 107

Week Monday Wednesday

No Class!

Apr 3