Integer Representations Exercises


p1 (integer sizes)

How many bytes do the following types take up on a common 64-bit computer such as the Myth machines?

  1. unsigned long
  2. short
  3. signed char

What C code could you write to determine the above?

p2 (integer ranges)

What is the range of integral values representable by each of the following types?

  1. unsigned long
  2. short
  3. signed char

p3 (signedness)

Suppose Andrew writes 0b1111_1111 on the board. He assures you that this is a 8-bit integer. What value does it represent? (Hint: trick question)

p4 (two's complement)

  1. You are given 0b1110_1011, a signed char. Determine its decimal value.
  2. You write the following code:

signed char x = -13;

What is the underlying bit pattern of the signed char?

p5 (overflow)

Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie are trying to write a C expression for the floored average of two unsigned int's. (That is, the average rounded down to the nearest unsigned int.) What do you think about their proposals?

  1. Alpha: (x+y)/2
  2. Bravo: x/2 + y/2
  3. Charlie: x + (y-x)/2