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PSet 1: Counting

Due: Fri, Oct 1st 1pm

Python Review: We have a review session to get started with Python (and PyCharm, should you choose to install it) on Friday, September 24th online.
We strongly encourage you to use Overleaf to work on the written assignment. Overleaf is a web service that allows you to edit .tex files and render the PDFs without needing to install anything because it is handled in the browser (similar to Google Docs). This allows you to avoid downloading anything to your computer or setting up an environment!
  • Create an account in Overleaf here
  • Click this link to be taken to a template for the problem set that we have provided for you
  • On the top left, click Menu, then Copy Project
The project should now belong to you, and it should be editable! Once you are finished with the assignment, you can download the PDF and then upload the submission to Gradescope.

Pset Files