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PSet 4: Probabilistic Models

Due: Fri, Nov 5th 1pm

Errata: (Nov 3rd) There were some missing values in the music.csv file -- that can be hard to reason about. We updated the file to have a value for every person in every field. Use this updated file. It will make your life much easier.
Errata: (Nov 1st) A student pointed out that in problem 4 (probability a baby is tired) the frequency of eye rubs seems backwards. Babies who are tired should rub their eyes more. Good point. We switched the distributions of eye rubs for tired and not tired. If you solved the problem using the original numbers, we will accept that for full credit. The pset (linked below) has been updated.
Errata: (Oct 28th) We changed the numbers in 10c. It should be Beta(3,4) and Beta(13,4).

Pset Files