Submitting Projects

Before Submitting

  1. Please include a copy of the grade report produced by `make grade', saving it as `pintos/src/<project>/GRADE'. If you do, we will check that the grade report we get matches the one you submit and notify you if there are discrepancies.

  2. Make sure you have filled in the design document. There is a link to it from the assignment page. Your design document must be 80 columns wide (or less). If it is wider than 80 columns, the text wraps when we open it in our text editor, which makes it hard to read.

  3. To save us disk space, please run `make clean' in the `pintos/src' directory before submitting.

Submission Instructions

Log in to any machine EXCEPT the Vine machines.

In your current project directory, type:

/usr/class/cs140/bin/submit x

where x is the assignment number.

Please note that although you submit in `threads', `userprog', `vm' or `filesys', the submit script actually copies everything in `src'.

When prompted for your SUNet ID, enter your Leland username, not your student ID number or any e-mail aliases (First.Last is not a SUNet ID). The submit script may complain, usually with permission errors. If there is a tarfile in `/usr/class/cs140/submissions/hwx/username', everything's okay. If there isn't a file in the directory, e-mail the staff ASAP!